How to Make Sure You Are Using Authentic LSD

Name a famous brand and you can find a fake or counterfeit version of it. That is the case of LSD or lysergic acid, one of the most popular street drugs out there.

Counterfeit products have lower quality when compared to the original. What’s worst is that these products may be harmful in some ways. Fake LSDs are not an exception. They can even be more dangerous than the drug itself because of some undetermined adulterants.

To make sure that you are using authentic LSD here are some tips.

Buy from Reputable Stores

LSD is outlawed in many countries which makes it illegal to make, buy, possess, and sell it. If you are going to be caught, there are corresponding punishment of your offense. Nonetheless, if you acquire this street drug from online store and use it discreetly at home, there may be no chances of getting caught.

With the prevalence of counterfeit LSD, you should buy pure, top-rated acid tabs from this online dispensary in Canada. To know the reputation of a store, going over reviews of customers or getting recommendations from friends can be helpful. However, if reviews and recommendations are not available, going through a trial and error method can be the last option.

Know the Properties of Real LSD

If you know the properties of authentic LSD by heart, you may never make a mistake of using a fake one. Acid, as LSD is more commonly referred to in the streets, is white in color, slightly bitter, and odorless. It is usually taken by mouth. However, some prefer it to dissolve in liquid before using it. LSD is one drug that has no intravenous version.

Compare Effects

Some counterfeit products can resemble the original in most ways that you may not be able to spot the differences by only looking at the physical properties. For sure, if you have been using LSD, you are already familiar with the effects on you? If LSD usually takes effect on you after 30 minutes, a fake LSD may have no effect at all or there may be aggravated trips. It may also take effect in less than 30 minutes or longer. Obviously,  the product is fake if it has no effect whatsoever.


Know the Standard Price

If you are a regular user of LSD, you should know the standard price of the drug. Nonetheless, you should search for it so that you will not be short-changed. Avoid unusually cheap LSDs, they must be fake.…