How to Make Sure You Are Using Authentic LSD

Name a famous brand and you can find a fake or counterfeit version of it. That is the case of LSD or lysergic acid, one of the most popular street drugs out there.

Counterfeit products have lower quality when compared to the original. What’s worst is that these products may be harmful in some ways. Fake LSDs are not an exception. They can even be more dangerous than the drug itself because of some undetermined adulterants.

To make sure that you are using authentic LSD here are some tips.

Buy from Reputable Stores

LSD is outlawed in many countries which makes it illegal to make, buy, possess, and sell it. If you are going to be caught, there are corresponding punishment of your offense. Nonetheless, if you acquire this street drug from online store and use it discreetly at home, there may be no chances of getting caught.

With the prevalence of counterfeit LSD, you should buy pure, top-rated acid tabs from this online dispensary in Canada. To know the reputation of a store, going over reviews of customers or getting recommendations from friends can be helpful. However, if reviews and recommendations are not available, going through a trial and error method can be the last option.

Know the Properties of Real LSD

If you know the properties of authentic LSD by heart, you may never make a mistake of using a fake one. Acid, as LSD is more commonly referred to in the streets, is white in color, slightly bitter, and odorless. It is usually taken by mouth. However, some prefer it to dissolve in liquid before using it. LSD is one drug that has no intravenous version.

Compare Effects

Some counterfeit products can resemble the original in most ways that you may not be able to spot the differences by only looking at the physical properties. For sure, if you have been using LSD, you are already familiar with the effects on you? If LSD usually takes effect on you after 30 minutes, a fake LSD may have no effect at all or there may be aggravated trips. It may also take effect in less than 30 minutes or longer. Obviously,  the product is fake if it has no effect whatsoever.


Know the Standard Price

If you are a regular user of LSD, you should know the standard price of the drug. Nonetheless, you should search for it so that you will not be short-changed. Avoid unusually cheap LSDs, they must be fake.…

Wine shopping wines

Four Tips to Consider When Buying Wine

If you want to make a worthwhile investment in wine for both business and pleasure, several factors need to come into play. Buying wine is an exciting experience, especially for those new to the scene. This is because of the numerous styles and samples available from all over the planet.

However, with the help of the staff, your shopping experience should be more natural. For those looking to preserve wine, check out Wineemotion automatic wine dispenser for a variety of storage options. Whether you are a wine connoisseur or not, the following tips should come in handy when shopping.

1. Understand Styles & Taste

When it comes to shopping for beverage and food, it is important to have some knowledge of whatever your buying. At the very least, understand the difference between red and white wines. Also, read about the characteristics of both categories.

If you desire a sweet taste, focus on sparkling wines and common dessert types. For an overall dry flavor, darker reds are a perfect choice. Since different producers use different methods, not all wines will be the same.

2. Food Pairing

The best way to learn about various types of wine is by using a few pairing methods. For instance, champagne goes well with salty meals. For earthy or spicy meals, a Pinot noir offers an excellent blend. Regardless of whether you consume a lot of sugary or salty meals, your wine experiences will be more enjoyable once you understand how to pair with food.

3. Use of Technology

t2g3wedfc6ye7rdfu283ei22Take advantage of the internet and technology. Similar to other items in the market, wines also rely on tech. Several mobile applications focus on wines and are available for wine lovers to use. These applications aim at offering complete useful information and tips for your preference or specific gigs. Also, accessing the internet is an easy task you can do, whether at home or your favorite wine stores.

Apart from apps, you also have the option to look up people’s reviews and ratings on certain brands and types of wines. The internet is one of the most useful platforms, and you should make good use of it.

4. Label Reading

Reading wine labels is very easy. Bottles need to indicate the producers, alcohol content, net content, brand name, and government warnings. Taking your time to read through the labels of your potential picks is enough to help ease your shopping experience. Plus, it only takes a few minutes!…


Things Included in the Kibo Code Program

Ecommerce is among the fastest ways of conducting business. It involves purchasing and selling of goods online. For you to stay on top of your game in this field, you need to equip yourself with online knowledge. It is best if you try the Kibo code program if you are looking to enhance your e-commerce platform. It is an eight-week program that helps you earn money online. For more information, you can read the overview of the Kibo Code course by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. It gives a detailed guide on what the program contains, how it works and the bonuses you can achieve.

The training program will give you a competitivekibo code program advantage and help you generate sales effectively. The best thing about the program is that you do not need anything on Facebook or Amazon ads. The program has provided overnight success to the enrolled students hence an effective way to earn money. The course entails the following:

Basics of Marketing

The first lesson helps you understand the basics of marketing. Even if you are a newbie and you do not have any knowledge of affiliate marketing, you can quickly start with this program. It will help you learn about what is affiliate marketing and how much it can be beneficial for your store. You learn about the sales funnel and understand how you can generate profits by using a sales funnel.

Understanding of Ads

In this lesson, you get to learn everything about ads. Ads are the most significant part of any e-commerce store. If you get an understanding of what type of ads you need to run, then you can easily make a successful store. The lesson helps you acquire tricks to make attractive ads and also teaches you how to choose the winning ad for your store. Hence, it becomes easy to create your own once you have completed the lesson. Facebooks ads especially are quite helpful. You can run your Facebook ads once you have finished this module. It teaches you about how to create an attractive ad, how to earn with Facebook ads, and what tools to use. You will also learn to target, attracts and maintain your audience.


e-marketingIn this lesson, you get to learn about reporting. You learn how to read reports and understand where you are making errors and what changes you need to do in your business. It is a fantastic way as you get to scale your business with reporting and make it even more significant by finding out the points where you make errors.…

Bar Codes

Various Types Of Bar Codes You Should Know

When you intend to code your products after opening a business, there are usually numerous options which can be overwhelming if one does not have the right information. Furthermore, some of the information provided in many publications may mislead due to lack of various critical points. However, a detailed research from relevant websites will help you understand. This publication is one of those that highlight important points on the same.

Various types of bar codes you should know

The UPC codes

Grocery Receipt

They are used in retail outlets to code various consumer goods. A business person has the option of choosing between the UPC-E with 6 numbers or the UPC-A with 12 numbers. Either of these codes is useful and do work well when it comes to consumer goods. If you want to buy upc codes which are GS1 compliant, then visit one of those reliable sellers now.

The EAN codes

Most European countries use the EAN codes to mark their consumer products when using a point of sale system. Just like the UPC codes, they operate the same with a difference coming in the geographical assigning of the prefix. They also have a variety that includes EAN-8 and EAN-13. Likewise, they can either be bought from an authorized GS1 codes reseller or the GS1 itself.

Code 39

When it comes to labeling the industrial goods like the automotive, then it is highly recommended to use these codes. They are compact and reliable since they use both numbers and characters. It is also used in defense coding needs.

Code 93

Are you in the manufacturing of electronic? Well, if planning to start, then you will need to use these codes for this. They are also good when it comes to inventory management of various products and thus making them very reliable. One beauty of using these codes is that they are ASCII compliant in full and thus have an additional security. Most logistic firms have also embraced the use codes in their various processes.

GS1 Databar

Receipt BarcodeThe codes have been in use by retail shops for long. As a matter of fact, they are used in perishables, any products, and even to prepare coupons. Additionally, the health care sector can also use the same to code their products but not all. Some use other categories of coding.

Understanding the above various codes helps any business person to choose the ones which are convenient for them.…

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Five Reasons Why SEO Is Important To Businesses

SEO involves the management of content, design, and structure of a site to improve its visibility on the main search engines like Bing and Google. So why is SEO is important to businesses? Well, it’s a necessary tool for modern companies, and it is required to keep up with the competition. SEO comes in various packages from premium packages to seo packages for small business. Below we take a look at other reasons why SEO is important to businesses.

Importance of SEO to businesses

Increased traffic


If your website surfaces on the first page of search engine results the chances are that you will receive lots of traffic than those sites that appear on the second or third page. SEO aims to get the website in question as far up the search results as possible to increase the number of guests to your site. However, it’s not the only position in the results that matter. Other factors like the quality of the Meta descriptions and title tags also tamper with the click rate. SEO enhances the quality of the text displayed to the prospective guests to encourage them to click through to the target site.


Perhaps, the best importance of SEO is that each of its aspects is traceable and quantifiable. An SEO company can track the rise in conversion rates, traffic, ranking and other many things with the help of comprehensive analytical software. They can also determine other relevant information. Besides, SEO can contribute in tracing customers back to E commerce sites, from the specific keywords used to find the site, and finally up to the final sale. For non-commercial sites, SEO companies can use form fill outs to measure the effectiveness of an optimization strategy. If the return on investment is less than what you expected, the plan can be reanalyzed, adjusted again and again until it goes above and beyond a satisfactory level.


SEO can be very cost effective because its target is internet users that are actively searching for your goods or services. In simple terms, SEO will do all the dirty work on your behalf. This makes it more effective than other marketing strategies like cold calling. Think of it this way. Averagely, leads that are generated with a method like cold calling cost six times more than those caused by a strategy like SEO.

Improved website functionality

SEO involves the rearranging of the link and architecture of a site to make it more navigable for modern search engines. In simple terms, SEO will make your website easier for guests to find the goods or services that they need.

Enhanced brand awareness

SEO Many clients may consider a business website that ranks well in search engine results unlike those that are further down the list. So even if a user doesn’t visit your site your brand will be still displayed to them which is a good thing. Additionally, brands that appear on those top slots are perceived by users to be more established and trustworthy compared to those in the middle or bottom positions. Over time, users will associate certain keywords with your brand and more traffic will be directed to your site.…


How To Learn From year Mistakes And Make Your Life Better

Most of us are conditioned to feel ashamed of making mistakes. Moreover, making mistakes is always associated with losers or individuals that are not so good. If you are one of those that still think that mistakes are bad, you should start seeing them as opportunities. Furthermore, what is already done can never be undone, but you can always change the future. That said, you should always be trying different things, and learn from every experience life throws at us.

Recognize your mistakes

puzzle word

It is important always to acknowledge your mistakes. It is only after you can recognize a mistake when you can be able to change things. Mistakes can be intentional or purely accidental. As such, they are common even to those that strive for perfection. However, the most important thing is to reduce the frequency or number of avoidable mistakes.

Take responsibility

Recognizing a mistake and taking responsibility go together. Failure to take responsibility often leaves us complaining or blaming others for our misfortune. On the other hand, most people might resort to justifying their mistakes to satisfy their egos. This should not be the case considering that taking responsibility tends to easier and better than to start the blame game.

Avoid repeating mistakes

As much as it is not fatal to make mistakes, you should always strive to ensure you do not keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Furthermore, mistakes committed more than once is often perceived to be a choice and not a mistake. As such, it is important to change your attitude if you are to stand any chance of improving the quality of life.


Use your lessons

After making mistakes and learning from them, it is imperative to implement or put into action what you have learned. Failure to repeat mistakes is an indicator that you are making positive steps in life. The good thing about life about life is that you can always learn from others.

Life is all about making steps in the right direction. Before calling it quits, you can also look for some inspiration from other people or even books. If you are not sure about where to get the much-needed inspiration, you can start by looking at Honesty First Reviews for programs and software that have helped individuals and corporate personalities as well.…

House for sale

Tips For Hiring Real Estate Agents

The duty of good real estate agents is not only to sell or buy property in the minimum time possible but also to fulfill the requirements given by the customer. Moreover, they need to satisfy their budget needs according to properly designed plan. Thus, one must understand the importances of hiring letting agents. In addition, they must make sure that the real estate agent they hire specializes in the type of property you want to invest in. Always keep in mind that once the real estate agent is selected correctly, the agent will take all the responsibility of getting the deal done. In this article, let us look at some points, which will surely help in picking up a good real estate agent.

Home For Sale


Ideally, the first factor that you must consider is the pricing. Always see to it that you are dealing with a real estate agent that is within your budget range. In addition, always make sure that the pricing is reasonable. Pay close attention to any unexplained fees. In addition, when you are confused about hiring any real estate agent, and you have many options, then you can filter them by getting quotes. Now, if the quotations they present suits you, then go for it.

Track Record

The Prior to hiring a real estate agent, it is ideal to look for his or her record of accomplishments and achievements. Always make sure that the real estate agent has an outstanding track record.

Online Reviews

house graphicThese days, online reviews have proved to be a great help to people who do not know much about real estate business. In fact, these platforms help the individual to explore more options available in terms of real estate. Thus, another important thing when hiring any real estate agent is looking for online reviews available. The online reviews will tell you the previous work quality of the person you are going to hire as a real estate agent. You can also check for online authentication identification. Always keep in mind that knowing what previous clients have to say about the real estate agent will significantly help you come up with a better buying decision. In addition, by reading other client’s testimonials, you will know beforehand if the real estate agent has some shady practices.


Another effective strategy to ascertain that you will be getting the most capable and competent real estate agent is through recommendations from family and friends. As expected, some of these people have dealt with real estate agents in the past. For that matter, they can definitely recommend a reputable and reliable real estate agent for you.…

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Qualities of a good unique item promotional company

Marketing through the use of promotional items has been shown to transform a business. Businesses that make use of unique promotional products are usually successful for a reason. This is because once you give people promotional items for your business; they will be very willing to try your products or services.

Using promotional items, therefore, allows your business to get a foot in the door hence boosting your returns. Therefore, if you want to improve your business, you better start looking for a promotional item companies to market your business. But how do you get a good promotional service company? Here are the qualities of a good promotional items company.

A target audience

logoOne of the difficulties that your business faces are getting customers who will become loyal to your brand. This is why you need a promotional service provider in the first place. You should, therefore, choose a good promotional service that can reach a large target audience. Remember, your goal is to market your business to as many people as possible.

Useful promotional products

You should choose a promotional service provider that will use useful items as promotional items. This is because people will only keep items that they find useful to them. For example, you may choose a company that uses pens to market your business. People will keep the pens for longer since writing materials are always of value to most people.

Informative products

The company that you choose to carry out the promotion of your business should use products that people are going to find to be very informative. If you give your target audience items that will inform them about your business, it will be extremely valuable to the growth of your business. It will create an impression for your business as being thoughtful and in touch with their customers. This will let people know that you have their best interest in mind.

Sentimental products

A good promotional company should use products that will be sentimental to your customers. This is because products can have a powerful effect on customers if they speak to their passion or memory. This will allow your clients to create meaningful connections with your business and whatever you are selling or offering.

High-quality products

windows productYou should look at the quality of products that your promotional service provider is going to use to promote your business. This is because if cheap looking products are used to promote your business, it will reflect poorly on your business.…

Dead rat in a box

How To Choose A Fumigation Company

Pest control in our homes, offices, and farms can be quite a headache if proper pest control is not done. Pests especially those that bite can create havoc in your house and also lead to infections. Other insects like cockroaches found mostly in kitchens can contaminate the kitchen environment leading to health problems for the family. Fumigation companies are the ultimate solution which can guarantee you a pest free environment for your home, office or farm for more than one year. Bed Bug Extermination in Chicago experts are the best solutions to deal with any pests and rodents infestation. The following are the factors to consider when choosing a fumigation company for pest control;

How to choose a fumigation company


checking electricityYou need first to find out if the company is licensed. Find out from the pest regulatory agency in your state if the company has been given the license to carry on their business in pest control. This will ensure you only deal with a company that uses approved pesticides within the state. You should also inquire whether their employees are bonded to enable reimbursements of fees paid in case there are any losses or damages suffered in the cause of their work.


These are either positive or negative experience from their previous and existing customers. Positive reviews would mean their work is reliable and value for your money is guaranteed. You could also inquire from the state regulatory agency if there are any registered complaints by the company’s clients. Do not just rely on the company to assure a positive result but also get to know third party experiences to help you make up your mind.

Does the company have insurance?

It will be an added advantage if the company has insurance to cover for general liabilities like accidental pollution. This will give extra protection to the clients’ property in case of any accidents. The insurance would also cover the workmen in case they get injured while working in your home. Although it’s not mandatory for pest control companies to have insurance, it will be more advisable to consider one that has it.


spraying plantsLike any other business, you would want to deal with a company that knows what they are doing. Despite them warranting their work, you will not want to suffer damages, especially to your crops even though they would compensate. Go for a company that has been in the market for a reasonable time to ensure professionalism and to avoids unnecessary accidents.…

Benefits Of Hiring A Business Translation Agency

With the advancements of technology in every aspect, the language barrier has been broken too. Nowadays, anybody can do his or her business in any continent around the world despite the race, religion or language. Thus, any company carrying out international transactions or even possessing its customers in a non-English speaking country can significantly benefit by hiring a professional language translation agency.

global flags

As a matter of fact, you could be suffocating the efficiency of your transactions by not acquiring the services of professionals such as the ones found. Since hiring a professional translation agency is a big step that you can make in your business, you should understand the benefits of having their services. Continue reading to learn some of the advantages of hiring a business translation company.


The consistency of a professional translation agency is definitely the most important benefit of hiring them. In fact, inconsistent communication can lead to the collapsing of your business since it will lose potential clients who might not understand your language. In addition, you can quickly lose a very good client if he or she has to do research in order to understand the terms and processes used to obtain a given service or product.

A professional translation agency will always ensure that there is a consistency in the usage of terms and communication in general. Therefore, it is advisable to maintain your brand’s consistency in more than one language by hiring a professional translator.


chat iconIn most cases, professional interpreters employ the use of translation software to keep their services proficient and consistent. In addition, these agencies invest heavily in training, dictionaries, and research resources because they need to give an outstanding outcome. Therefore, these companies can definitely help the process of translation.

Quality Is Guaranteed

Even if you use a friend or coworkers to make the interpretations, you may not achieve your goal because this is a type of work that requires specialization. However, when you hire a professional translator or a translation company, the quality of the services is guaranteed. In fact, these professionals do all they can to bring out quality services because they do invest in their translation business just the way you invest in your business.

Moreover, they are customer centered, and they work towards making the transactions uninterrupted. In addition, they help to convey the same original message as intended without twisting any information. Lastly, always keep in mind that missing a tip in communication can lead to losing thousands of potential clients.

They Can Keep Up With The Pace

It is hard for an internal translator to keep up with the pace of a growing business. For this reason, they are not the ideal choice because most of them struggle to meet the goals. Always keep in mind that a locally done mistake due to pressure can harm your business. However, with a professional translation company, they assign an experienced team to handle the task whenever it arises.…

Holding Money

How To Identify The Best Merchant Lenders

Businesses whether small, medium or large are usually faced with financial challenges in one time or the other. Therefore, they require financial help from outside to meet various expenses and other financial needs. One of the best sources is getting a loan from one of the many options available. If you can access the best merchant cash advance companies, then this is a good option to use as they walk with you to always give some money against your projected credit card sales. You can identify the best merchant lenders through the following ways.

How to identify the best merchant lenders

They are organized

A well-organized company ensures that one gets what they want with ease and fast. Therefore, those companies that are organized will rarely tell you that they are not in a position to accommodate your business unless you do not qualify. They also do not change the lending policies now and then which can be inconveniencing to the clients.


They have enough cash flow

A lender needs to have enough cash flows to stay in business. Those that are not doing well stand a risk of collapsing with investors money and hefty debts from their lenders. Also, they risk losing money from the borrowers should they collapse. A lending company with the best structures that do not allow their workers to steal from the company or borrowers to default will rarely run out of the cash flow.

They have good customer care

Most of the clients who come seeking for a loan or cash advance for their businesses may not have much knowledge about loans. Therefore, they need the customer care department to take them through all what is requires of them, terms and condition for the loans. The better the customer care department is, the better the chances of getting more clients are.

They have friendly qualifications

Most businesses seek the help of merchant lenders since they cannot access loans in banks and other institutions. Therefore, they need more friendly conditions. Most merchant lenders have lending options that do not look at the credit scores or the past credit history of the borrowers. They also have friendly lending rates and repayment plans which are affordable by most SME owners.


You can identify the best merchant lenders by the above qualities. When you get a good and reliable lender, it is good to stick with them especially for the cash advance services. They will give your business a soft landing whenever they in need.…

bitacorarh | para no perderse las nuevas ideas en gestión de personas

recuerdos imperfectos
Enviado por rober en Dom, 23/10/2011 – 17:52
nuestra naturaleza como seres sociales tiene un gran efecto sobre el funcionamiento de nuestra memoria. Las personas somos grandes contadores de historias, nuestra vida es recordada en formato de historia y es narrada como tal. Este formato nos permite evitar esos vacíos de información que tanto nos molestan y al mismo tiempo le dan continuidad y coherencia a esas realidades individuales que conforman nuestras vidas.

La realidad objetiva, es decir, los hechos tal y como son, es una realidad sin importancia ya que nuestra memoria le da la forma que más le conviene y la convierte en aquello que necesita para que tenga el sentido que la persona precisa. Como dice José Bergamín: “soy subjetivo, ya que soy sujeto. Si fuese objetivo, entonces sería un objeto”.

La realidad objetiva es una anécdota frente a la realidad subjetiva. Esta última es la que conforma nuestros recuerdos y define el signo de nuestras experiencias. Pero hay algo que matiza y transforma la realidad subjetiva, se trata de nuestra naturaleza social. La necesidad de vivir en comunidad y sentir que se forma parte de la misma, hace que nuestra memoria sea lo suficientemente flexible como para crear el paisaje que nuestro entorno necesita, aunque éste sea falso. Vivir en sociedad es un hecho complejo, pertenecer a un grupo requiere de una labor de comprensión y flexibilidad realmente complicada que de no existir convertiría al ser humano en un ermitaño incapaz de convivir con sus semejantes. Nuestra necesidad de vivir en la manada, ha hecho que nuestra memoria haya evolucionado hasta convertirse en una herramienta que permite y facilita nuestra supervivencia en la sociedad.

Imagínate que vas en tu coche por un lugar que no conoces. Es mediodía y necesitas encontrar un lugar donde comer. En la carretera encuentras dos restaurantes, uno enfrente del otro. El parking de uno de ellos está lleno, mientras que en el de enfrente sólo hay un par de coches, ¿en cuál pararías a comer?. Creo que la respuesta es bastante evidente. Solemos asumir que algo es bueno o malo en función del comportamiento de los demás. Algo similar sucede con nuestra memoria, cuando pensamos de manera individual observamos los hechos de una forma concreta, pero cuando estos mismos hechos son sometidos al consenso del grupo, es muy probable que nuestra percepción sufra ciertos matices para adaptarse a la idea del colectivo. Puede incluso ocurrir que la idea comunitaria sea errónea o esté muy alejada de lo sucedido realmente, pero independientemente de ello, las personas somos lo suficientemente hábiles como para crear el guión que sustenta ese error y lo hace lógico y evidente.

Esta plasticidad que muestra nuestra memoria ha sido estudiada y analizada a través de resonancias magnéticas del cerebro. Los científicos han detectado las causas neuronales de esa capacidad que poseemos para creer algo que no es correcto y asumirlo como dogma de fe simplemente porque los demás así lo hacen. Básicamente se basa en una activación simultánea del hipocampo y la amígdala. Estas dos áreas de nuestro cerebro son las encargadas, respectivamente, de la memoria a largo plazo y las emociones. Cuando ambas áreas se activan de forma concurrente, el resultado es la creación de recuerdos inexactos que proveen a nuestra memoria del componente social que necesita para crear la trama que le permita formar parte del rebaño.

Muchos de los grandes descubrimientos de la humanidad estuvieron basados en impedir que esta característica de nuestra memoria modificase nuestro comportamiento. Inventores, científicos, artistas, pensadores,… personas que no permitieron que el poder de la masa modificase una realidad que era percibida de manera diferente y cuyo descubrimiento y comprensión les condujo a resultados diferentes. El precio, en muchos casos, los llevó a ser tachados de locos, huraños, personas con escasas habilidades sociales. A cambio obtuvieron el premio de comprobar que su visión de la realidad era la correcta y no la que el grupo trataba de imponer.
Entre el incomprendido y el borrego existe un mundo de seres humanos capaces de compaginar su naturaleza social con la certeza de que un mundo propio existe y cuyo entendimiento permitirá conocer muchas de las cosas que le suceden a uno.
microscopic image of blood

ventanas rotas
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en 1969, Philp Zimbardo realizó un experimento muy interesante en las, entonces más que nunca, peligrosas calles del Bronx. El experimento consistía en abandonar un coche abierto y sin placas de matrícula. A los pocos minutos la gente comenzó a robar componentes del coche consiguiendo que tras varias horas el coche no tuviese nada de valor en su interior. Tres días después, a pesar de que ya no hubiese nada atractivo que pudiera llamar la atención de los ladrones, la gente seguía causando todo tipo de destrozos al coche hasta conseguir dejarlo totalmente inservible.
El mismo experimento se realizó posteriormente en un lujoso barrio de la localidad californiana de Palo Alto. Pasados unos días desde el abandono del coche, Zimbardo observó que éste no sufría ningún tipo de percance y decidió tomar cartas en el asunto, para ello se armó con un martillo y abolló en diferentes sitios la chapa del coche. Esta fue la medida que realmente despertó la consciencia de los vándalos para que el coche sufriera las mismas fases de degeneración que el abandonado en las calles del Bronx.

Este experimento de Zimbardo fue el germen de la teoría de las ventanas rotas presentado por James Wilson y George Kelling en su libro “Arreglando ventanas rotas: Restaurando el orden y reduciendo el crimen en nuestras comunidades” sobre criminología y sociología urbana. Esta teoría presenta la idea de que si tienes una ventana rota en un edificio y no la cambias, a los pocos días, aparecerán nuevas ventanas rotas y así sucesivamente hasta convertir el edificio en un lugar inhabitable. Esta teoría confirma la importancia de atajar los problemas cuando aún son pequeños y controlables, porque una vez que pasan este punto, solucionarlos es realmente complicado y costoso.
Esta teoría fue puesta en práctica en el Nueva York de los 80, un lugar donde el crimen campaba a sus anchas y convertía a esta ciudad en un lugar muy peligroso. Para abordar este problema de tan difícil solución se apostó por la tolerancia cero en temas tan triviales como los grafitis o el control de acceso al metro. Éstas fueron las claves a la hora de hacer que el índice de criminalidad se redujese drásticamente y la ciudad se convirtiese en lo que hoy es.

La teoría de las ventanas rotas desprende muchas lecturas interesantes. La primera que me viene a la cabeza es la del efecto contagio. El ser humano, como ser social, incluye en su repertorio de comportamientos el que lo convierte en rebaño. Cuando formamos parte de la manada, la responsabilidad de nuestras acciones queda diluida en medio de la masa y es así como el ser humano se convierte en un títere al servicio de la comunidad. El rebaño y sus acciones son las responsables de que algo anecdótico puede convertirse en algo realmente inmenso (en lo bueno y en lo malo).
Otra lectura de esta teoría tiene que ver con la importancia del contexto. Si algo se abandona, poco a poco, el entorno lo degrada hasta el punto de hacerlo totalmente inservible. Los criminales, como dice Malcolm Gladwell, son personas especialmente sensibles a este tipo de señales que se producen en el entorno y que les inducen a delinquir. Esta apreciación no sólo es aplicable a los criminales, también a los vándalos, pesimistas, vagos, maleducados, maltratadores,… Las personas prestamos atención a aquello que más nos interesa, por ello es importante cuidar los sistemas que nos rodean, porque si los descuidamos, siempre habrá alguien dispuesto a aprovechar ese hueco para convertirlo en un pozo sin fondo.

El día que descubrí la teoría de las ventanas rotas comprendí muchas cosas, por ejemplo, la crisis financiera que estamos padeciendo. Esta crisis es fruto, entre otras muchas cosas, de pasar por alto señales que indicaban que debíamos tener cuidado pero que fueron minimizadas y consideradas anécdotas convirtiendo al sistema en un lugar donde todo valía. Lo mismo ocurre con el comportamiento de un niño, si un día permites algo que no se debe consentir, ese mensaje es complicado de revertir en el futuro cuando lo permitido un día se convierte en un hábito. ¿Y qué me dices de lo que ocurre cuando a alguien le ofreces una mano y te coge el brazo?, en situaciones de este tipo, si no le pones freno a tiempo, sabes que en el futuro te depara algo que seguramente acabará en una situación incómoda. Los lugares de trabajo son sistemas donde la teoría de las ventanas rotas también tiene una importancia brutal ya que son la clave para determinar el tipo de cultura que vive la empresa, por ejemplo, si das cobijo al vago sabes que dejas abierta la puerta a la cultura del mínimo esfuerzo y el escaqueo.

No …